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About Ogis Law

Ogis Law Firm is an international boutique law firm, always forward looking, and pursuing its goals of excellence throughout a high standard quality and tailored-made assistance to its clients.

Our firm was founded by Attorney Mehmet Ali Ogis in Izmir in 1992 and has grown consistently in size and reputation. Being international has always been our goal since the first day. Thanks to a network of long-standing relationships with leading law firms all over the world, we are in key business centers and therefore we are able to fully assist our clients on cross-border transactions.

The firm is focused on commercial law, shipping & trade and corporate matters.

what we are expert at

Legal Practices Area

United Kingdom Desk

In London, Ogis Law Firm, provides assistance as how to set up and manage business activities in the UK. Throughout a deep analysis…

Shipping, Trade and Logistic

Our maritime professionals have extensive understanding and knowledge how the shipping & trade sector works, what commercial and regulatory…

Company Law

We advise and act for entrepreneurs, public and private companies, small and medium enterprises, on all aspects of corporate law…

Asset Management

If you intend to set up a business or a Trust in London, buying a property in Italy, or open a bank account in Switzerland, our asset…

Hotels & Leisure

Our team has commercial and legal backgrounds to advise current industry players as well as the newcomers in the progress of entering…

Italian Desk

Our Italian Desk advises Turkish, Italian and international companies how to expand their business activities in Italy and Turkey.

Real Estate

We offers advice on all kinds of real estate matters, including property developments and restructuring, the sale and purchase…

Energy Law and Infrastructure

We advise on multi-layered and often complex regulatory frameworks that apply to energy sector projects and activities. Our energy team…

Dispute Resolution

Our dispute resolution team understands claimants and respondents businesses and objectives and knows how an dispute proceeding is governed.

Family Law

Notwithstanding we had become a commercial law firm, we do not forget our origin. Our family team has been advising clients based both in Turkey…

Labour Law

Ogis Law Firm has an experience in all aspects of Turkish labor laws. We represent employers in dealing with unions in collective…

what we are expert at

Why Clients Choose Us?

Our clients choose us for several reasons. First and most importantly, their financial lives and goals are often very complex, which means our clients need great advice and timely execution of that advice. In many instances, if a client does not take the best possible action within a defined time window, the consequences to them could be long-lasting or irrecoverable.

Clients also choose us because they need one trusted advisor who can come into their inner circle and understand what they care about deeply: their family, their business and their long-term goals. But clients also choose us because they need a partner who can direct a team of people to achieve their goals.

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    Le Fonti Awards has been recognized as one of the world’s leading tv ceremonies of business awards. MEP LAW Firm, in 2019, was awarded the Best International Boutique Law Firm.


    Our Firm offers each customer a targeted and qualified legal advice, guaranteeing a top service in terms of confidentiality, commitment and professionalism.


    Ogis Law Firm was founded by lawyer, Mehmet Ali Ogis, who decided to create a dynamic and efficient network of lawyers and highly skilled consultants, offering legal assistance in all areas of law even in particulary complex matters equiring interdisciplinary skills.