Turkish power ship to provide Zambia with 100MW of electricity

October 14, 2016. Zambia has turned to Turkish power producers, Karadeniz; for 100 MW of electricity to help fix its ailing power sector. The Turks are expected in the next two weeks to start supplying Zambia with electricity from a power-generating ship for a two year period. One of the company’s vessels is currently docked at Mozambique’s Nacala port, from where the power will be generated before being transmitted via a grid to Zambia. The company builds floating power stations which plug into electricity grids after berthing, the power stations also known as power badges run on fuel oil but can also be operated with natural gas. By this move, Zambia follows the lead of West African neighbours, Ghana; who...

China’s one belt, one road initiative set to transform economy by connecting with trading partners along ancient Silk Road

October 14, 2016. In more than 30 years, China has become an economic superpower, with its influence spanning the globe. The country is now at a crossroads as it finds its economy under some strain. The central government wants to double 2010 income levels by 2020, as the nation is making a major push to transform its economy from a largely export-driven one to services and domestic consumption, from labour and energy-intensive manufacturing towards innovative, hi-tech and higher value-added production, and from quantity to quality and ecological sustainability. Three years ago, President Xi Jinping announced the one belt, one road initiative, a key policy to connect trading partners along the ancient Silk Road. The central government wants to connect the...

Law Commission publishes draft Bill Insurable Interest

 August 23, 2016. Insurable Interest: Law Commission publishes draft Bill After securing some reform of insurance contract law in the Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representations) Act 2012 and the Insurance Act 2015 (which comes into force on 12 August 2016), the Law Commission has turned its attention to the doctrine of insurable interest, with the publication of a draft Insurable Interest Bill. The Courts have historically always required an insurable interest as a necessary component of a contract of insurance. Historically, quite prescriptive rules were established to reflect social concerns surrounding life policies in particular, but also to deter gambling. The Law Commissions proposals (reflecting the consensus from previous consultation) include some broadening of the categories of persons who may...